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Friday Fever Series on DiaryScroll is about Talented Indian Bloggers, and this friday we have Ami Bhat – she is known as Restless Ball of Energy! A passionate travel blogger, Travel expert on Money Control she is also the ambassador for ShowZee.
Recently, her blog – Thrilling Travel got listed in top 1000 Travel Blogs across the worlds. We wish her very soon to be the top most travel blog of the world ! 

  • Please introduce yourself and your blog “Thrilling Travel” to our readers.
    I would like to say that I am a restless traveler and have been a resident of Bangalore for the last 20 years. By qualification, I am a post graduate in management, specializing in marketing and am a travel blogger by passion. An outdoor person who loves badminton, swimming and dancing with equal passion. My blog – Thrilling Travel is all about travel, experiences, destinations and travel tips. It is an attempt on my part to share my thrill of travel with my readers.
  • When did you start blogging, what inspired you to blog about travel? Please share your journey with us.
    I have always loved travel and was known to be a keen traveler, taking off to different places on every long weekend that I could get my hands on. I used to write for a few travel sites but did not really have any of my own. The trigger to start my own blog came in from my friends and colleagues, who used to call me often on suggestions and tips for destinations that I would have been to. I found them virtually traveling with me through my travel memories and sharing the same thrill that I experienced during my travels.
    With a little encouragement from my friends, I created my own blog last year and have been enjoying my journey on it since then. I have found this journey of mine quite fulfilling as my travel blog combined two of my passions – photography and travel. What made it even lovelier is the appreciation from my readers.
  • Most people feel “Travelling isn’t easy, especially in terms of finance and women” what are your views on this and how do you fund for your travel?
    Traveling does come with its own challenges – but so do all the other things in life. When you are determined to do something, you figure out a way around things and they cease being a challenge.
    Being a woman has never ever occurred to me as a challenge in traveling. If safety is a prime concern as far as women goes, it is not just limited to travel. It is and will always be a concern in our lives. As a thumb rule, I avoid traveling to places at night, especially in non-familiar cities. Thanks to the technology these days, staying safe is much easier. For one, mobiles always help keep in touch. The various safety apps and the GPS trackers are a boon for any traveler. When it comes to finances, travel does require some. However, the way you travel determines the amount of finance you need. Staying in affordable hotels or home stays, travel modes and you choice of travel destinations are your biggest variables. If you plan well and have a control on each of these variables, I do not see finance becoming an issue.
  • Which is your favorite travel theme? And what destinations have you planned to visit this year?
    One favorite travel theme? I doubt I have just one. I love travel in general- for me it is a chance to experience life in different cities, their culture, their history and lifestyle. Heritage travel for me is fun. The thrill for me lies in discovering history, legends, the science that went into building monuments, the folklore and the culture that still survives. When it comes to nature travel – love discovering wildlife, engaging in adventure treks and water sports, capturing the greens and enjoying the non-polluted natural way of life.This year, am hoping to do some islands and possibly a few unexplored heritage places in India. 🙂
  • How many cities, countries and even continents have you covered for your blog?
    It is hard to keep a track of cities and countries. In terms of the continents, I have largely covered Europe and Asia and have a post or two on North America and Africa.
  • Share some of your travel encounters which you cherish for whole of your life?
    There are tons of travel memories that I have and each one will remain special. From the ones that I have taken recently, I specifically mention my trip to Rajasthan – where I not only enjoyed the colorful history of the place, but also, had a good peek into the Rajasthani culture – be it their craftsmanship, their way of living or their food. The trip had some funny moments too – one being the way a monkey jumped right over my bent head, just nanoseconds before I looked up. It was a scene that not just the onlookers, but I will never ever forget. Another one was when we entered the Rat temple at Karni Mata Mandir in Bikaner and my daughter leapt up on my husband, refusing to step down till we got out of the place. For me the scene, reminded me of Tom and Jerry, where you have Tom leaping up at the sight of Jerry carrying a electric plug. 🙂 

What best things travel does for anyone? Count in 5.
1) Opens up your mind and allows you to look at things for different perspectives
2) Makes you more tolerant
3) Helps you discover yourself again
4) Helps you bond better with you travel partner
5) Teaches you to appreciate the life that you have 

  • How do you manage your travelling plans and your daily life?
    I try to utilize my long weekends for travel plans. The longer duration travel happens when my daughter has her school vacations.
  • Now you count in top 1000 Travel Blogs, what are your next ventures?
    To keep at it – it is a hard task to maintain where you have reached J . I intend to keep traveling and sharing my experiences, maybe a little more frequently that I am doing right now.
  • A marketing post graduate, what promotional activities do you carry for your blog?
    To be honest, at the moment, I have not done any promotional activity. I have been focusing on my content. SEO for me is an important aspect of blogging and am still trying to learn it all. My promotional activities if any, are just sharing my content through social media.
  • Which places in India are worth visiting for? Also list some places you can visit again and again?
    Every part of India has some amazing destinations – be it for history or nature. The Northern circuit of India is quite popular, thanks to the Golden triangle and its surrounding sites. The beauty of the Himalayas, the quaint hill stations around them, the golden sands of Rajasthan, the culture and heritage of Madhya Pradesh, the forests of Gir and the white sands of Kutch are really gorgeous destinations.
    South India has an unexplored element to itself. There are a lot of places here which are not as popular as the north but are equally beautiful. The Historic cities of Hampi and Badami, the gorgeous beaches of Kerala, the misty hill stations of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the temple tours of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are just some suggestions.
    Similarly, another unexplored region is the North East, where you have the lovely cultural destinations of Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram to name a few. The natural beauty and untold stories of these places make them really attractive and fun.
    I can visit all these places over and over again, for I know I will discover something more on each visit. One visit is never enough.
  • Share some tips on travelling alone.
    Here you go –
    1) Dress appropriately and respect the culture of the place you are traveling to
    2) Book well in advance, after a thorough research. Avoid secluded locations. Try to stay in a central place, in a hotel that has good reviews
    3) Keep your mobile with you and ensure you share your location with your friends and family
    4) Avoid late night ventures
    5) Research well on the modes of local transport so that you are not cheated or misguided.
  • Share some blogs for you are a must follow.
    There are plenty of blogs that I love reading –hard to give you names as the list is endless. I read a variety of topics – from general blogs to poetry and fiction as well as some food and travel.
  • Do you use your blog for earning, how? If not do you have any future plans about this?
    I offer ad spaces on my blog for some revenue earning. I also, partner with brands on stories and offers that could interest my users. Other than that, I partner with hospitality and travel companies to discover new locations and travel options.
  • Any message you want to share for people who want to start a travel blog?
    Just one – Right with your heart. You are sure to enjoy yourself as much as your readers do. 🙂



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